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24 November 2021 - 25 November 2021
Warsaw, Poland
DEICy 2021 Digital Economy, Internet of Things, Cybersecurity (Virtual edition)
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Open until 22 November 2021

Chair Committee:
Dr hab. Katarzyna Śledziewska, Prof. UW - Managing Director of DELab UW
Dr hab. Renata Włoch, Prof. UW - Coordinator of DELab UW

About us

DELab UW – Digital Economy Lab was established in 2013 thanks to a grant funded at Warsaw University by Google. From the beginning, the grant agreement ensured that we retained our scientific autonomy, especially with regard to the choice of research subjects and the opinions we formulated. The grant helped us build institutional capacity, develop a competent team, and engage in networks of international academic and research collaboration.

Currently, DELab UW operates as an autonomous interdepartmental project, embedded in the University of Warsaw. It involves the Faculty of Economics, the Faculty of Sociology and the Faculty of Law and Administration.

Digital Economy Lab

As a DELab UW we are an interdisciplinary research center that brings together experts and researchers in digitization from the disciplines of economics, sociology, data science and law. In our activities we involve experienced researchers as well as novice scientists and students. What allows us to stand out from other units are addressing new topics in the digital economy, interdisciplinary team, a thus openness for new methods and new data sources.
We expertise in a variety of areas related to digitization and the digital economy. These areas include technology trends, digital transformation and its challenges and labor market transformation. Our expertise is confirmed by numerous studies and projects we have been involved in.

We explore key areas of digitization through international partnerships. With Readie by Nesta, we are looking for research solutions and policies to build better scenarios for implementing the digital economy. We also undertake research commissioned by a variety of stakeholders like public administration, business and academic environment.

We have experience in developing recommendations for the public sector on the impact of social and economic factors in a areas like labour market, state of various groups on market. One of our key projects is NGI Forward, which examines the social and economic challenges posed by the growth of the Internet on behalf of the European Commission.

Our project for pharmaceutical sector, PharmaRank, allows to compare Polish producers of pharmaceutical products according to their importance for the national economy thanks to the use of a classification algorithm.

On behalf of commercial clients, we have studied the implications of new platforms, labor market changes, and pandemic impacts on various sectors. In a joint project with Google, we identified key competences of the future. On behalf of our customers we have performed diagnosis of the situation of women on the digital labor market in the context of pandemics, economic and social change. We also specialize in analyse of characteristic of various industry sectors

We conduct research in areas related to digitization. Our specialty is the study of digital society, economics, market and work. For our clients we have analyzed the impact of digitization on various sectors of the economy. Recently we have also specialized in studying the impact of COVID-19 on digital areas of the state and society.

We also support companies in these areas, including research and analysis of key areas and making recommendations for management.

Within the partnership of The Enterprise Europe Network, we aim to help small and medium-sized enterprises to increase their innovation and to internationalize their business opportunities. We help small businesses make the most of pan-European market opportunities. Our vision is to support ambitious entrepreneurs who want to boldly enter international markets with innovative products and services.

Through EEN UW project we provide free services in: accessing foreign markets, interpreting international and national laws, Intellectual Property Rights, valuation of intangible assets, business analysis, Innovation Management with the use of IMP3rove service, trade fairs and cooperation exchanges and creating cooperation offers.

Within EEN UW we are co-organizing industry brokerage events and supporting small and medium enterprises internationally in digital areas like ICT, Circular Economy, Cyber security, Industry 4.0, Digital Growth, IoT, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, AI, COVID-19 prevention with the use of advanced technologies.

We are ready to work with many sectors. We adapt our offer to the needs of our clients. For business and industry, we create expert opinions on efficiency support and identification of key issues. For research institutions we prepare expert support based on the long-term experience of our employees. Thanks to our experience in international projects and partnerships, we are able to respond to the needs of European and national institutions, as well as non-governmental organizations. We are ready to analyze specific market sectors in the context of digitization issues. Our experienced team will be happy to prepare the entire study, from methodology to final report and recommendations. Detailed results of our projects can be seen on our website. We also provide support for SMEs, in which we have proven experience, appreciated by our clients.

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